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Friday, April 19, 2013

     Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania's famous east coast belongs to one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the world. The white beach and turquoise waters of Wineglass Bay surrounded by granite peaks of the Hazards, Mt Freycinet and Mt Graham have been attracting day visitors from all over the world. However if you decide to spend a few nights and explore the more remote parts of the Peninsula, the rewards will be very hard to surpass.

     The 30 kilometre (2-3 days) Freycinet Peninsula Circuit leads you around the Hazard Mountains to Hazards Beach. The track continues south to the more remote Cooks and Bryans Beaches. You then have to cross the Peninsula over a plateau via Mt Graham with spectacular views before descending to the Wineglass Bay. You can also decide to  spend a few days at the Wineglass Bay campsite. As there is no water, most hikers continue to other beaches early in the morning and you can have the beach during the day almost completely to yourself. You would need to carry the water in or make a trip to one of the little streams on Mt Graham which is about 400m climb.

     Freycinet Peninsula Circuit track starts at the car park about 4 km further into the park from the Visitor Information Centre. The walking times are as follows: Wineglass Bay car park to Wineglass Bay 1.5 hours and to Hazard Beach 3 hours, Hazard's Beach to Cook's Beach 2 hours, Cook's Beach to Bryan's Beach - 1 hour and Cook's Beach to Wineglass Bay via Mt Graham 6 hours.


     Camping sites for F
reycinet Peninsula Circuit track exist at the following locations: southern end of Hazard's Beach
Cook's Beach and the southern end of Wineglass BayCamping is free and the more remote sites at Hazard's Beach and Cook's Beach get less busy during the summer. Freycinet National Park is within a fuel stove only area and campfires are not permitted. There's no water available at Wineglass Bay.



      Freycinet Peninsula has been known for its mild maritime climate which makes it suitable for a visit any time of the year. Although weather conditions can change rapidly, mild climate enables pleasant winter walking and is certainly less busy. Summer months provide longer day light hours and higher temperatures and therefore activities like swimming are also possible.


     The Freycinet National Park is about 3 hours from either Hobart or Launceston. Turn off the Tasman Highway (A3) onto the Coles Bay Road (C302) 12 km south of Bicheno. The main park entrance and visitor centre are just after Coles Bay town about 30km from the highway. Freycinet Peninsula Circuit track starts at the car park about 4 km further into the park from the Visitor Information Centre.

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